Preparing to Put it All Together

Hi Pals! 

I've been hard at work focusing on my to-do list for August, and of course I'm finding myself gravitating towards the fun stuff!  I have spent the better part of the morning working on our new pinterest page!

Which means that I'm full of ideas to try at work next week, and now have a new way of looking at old milk cartons, fruit dip trays, and corn starch!  The best part about browsing pinterest is rediscovering the classics (creating catching "mitts" with recycled milk jugs), as well as seeing all the new ways of tactile play (Fizzy cloud dough?  Be still my heart!).

The trickiest part was categorizing some of the activities.  As always, the best ones provide a rich sensory experience, require a variety of types of motor skills, and can be modified to add or reduce challenge to help our unique friends achieve learning and self-discovery.  As you poke through, you will find that many of the activities can go in multiple places, and as you get better at analyzing those activities, you are one step better at thinking like an OT!

If you would like to learn more about how to analyze play activities for skills to develop, as well as  learn some simple concepts in "therapeutic tweaking", join us at Putting It All Together on Monday August 17th from 6:30-8:30 at the Neighborhood Guild in Peace Dale, RI.  The workshop is free, but donations are welcome!

Even if you are a therapist or teacher well-versed in how to use these concepts in treatment or lesson planning, we will be working in groups to discover new ideas- it's a cheap, tax deductible way to expand your repertoire!

If you've gone on our pinterest page and are curious to learn more about the seven senses, we have an upcoming workshop for that, too!

Happy Pinning, and we hope to see you in a couple weeks!