Seven Senses Date Change

Sometimes, life has a way of slowing you down so that you can focus on yourself for a little bit.  At 52-S, we are not immune to this phenomenon, and have had to reschedule Monday's workshop: Our Seven (Yes, Seven) Senses to Thursday, September 24th, from 6:30-8:30pm at the SK Neighborhood Guild (325 Columbia St. Peace Dale, RI 02879).

There's a pretty big silver lining here, in that as children enter school, and as September goes on, some begin to demonstrate challenges that were not there over the summer months.  As a child begins school for the first time, or even starts a new, more challenging grade-level, they may begin to exhibit challenges that may be indicative of differences with the processing of sensory information.  I would like to think that moving this workshop to September may be better-timed for parents and teachers who may be wondering if sensory processing challenges are at work with some of these kids, and if an OT consult may be indicated.  

The workshops of this workshop are as follows:

1.  To learn about the seven senses (visual, auditory, touch, smell, taste, vestibular, and proprioceptive), and how they work together to give us body and environmental awareness, so that we can learn and interact comfortably.

2.  To discuss common patterns of sensory processing dysfunction and what might indicate a need for an occupational therapy evaluation.

3.  To provide family and classroom games that help children develop effective sensory processing skills in a way that feels safe and fun!

Spaces are also still available for our August 17th Workshop, Putting It All Together: Analyzing and Customizing Play Activities to Maximize Learning.  This workshop will also be at the SK Guild as well, from 6:30-8:30pm.  Objectives for this workshop include:

1. Identifying and learning about skills that are required for development of classroom management and self-care skills (sensory processing/self-regulation, strength, coordination, visual perception, etc.).

2.  Practicing analyzing common games and activities to determine what skills are needed and in what amount for successful participation, and then using this information to make decisions about games and toys that would be appropriate for a family's unique needs.

3.  Common strategies to modify games to create a "just right challenge", so that your children and students can learn and grow with greater ease and natural exploration, reducing stress on both the child and the caregiver.


As always, both of these workshops are free, and include take-home packets with games and activities to try at home and in the classroom!   You can register on our events page.  Please email us at with any questions, or for event flyers.