New Workshops!

52-S is very excited to announce our first workshop series!  Starting in May, 2015, we will be holding interactive 2-hour workshops presented by Nicole Cipriani-Fox on the 3rd Monday of each month!  Nicole is an AOTA Board Certified pediatric occupational therapist with 14 years of experience working with adults and children in clinical, home, and school settings.  She is certified in Handwriting Without Tears, Basic and Advanced Therapeutic Listening, and Interactive Metronome.  She uses a large variety of therapeutic techniques, including Brain Gym, Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training, Bal-A-Vis-X, and many more! 

All workshops are free with a suggested donation of $30 to help us develop individualized programming and educational materials for families of children with special needs.  These workshop sessions are designed to be fun and exploratory, with plenty of play time, and take-home activities to try with your family, clients, and students.  This series is designed for parents, teachers, therapists, and anyone interested in learning more about sensory-motor development.  All workshops will be held at the South Kingstown Neighborhood Guild (325 Columbia Street, Peace Dale, RI 02883 from 6:30-8:30pm. 

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Monday, May 18th: Meet Your Brain!  Learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the brain and how it is organized to help us sense, move, emote, and interact with the world.  We will also discuss the use of techniques such as Brain Gym, binaural beats, basic mindfulness/yoga techniques to facilitate whole-brain learning! 

Monday, June 15th:  Knee Jerk Reactions: How Primitive Motor Reflexes Govern Development of Coordinated Movement.  We are born with a series of hard-wired reflexes that each have a lesson to teach about our body and how it can move with ease and comfort.  Un-integrated reflexes can cause difficulty with coordination, sensory processing, emotional well-being, and learning in children (and adults!).  Learn some exercises and games that help promote reflex integration for more efficient movement.

Monday, July 20th: The 7 Senses.  Thought there were only 5?  You must not know a pediatric occupational therapist.  Learn about how we use information from our senses for body awareness, attention, and learning!  Learn more about how sensorimotor strategies can help us regulate our activity levels for playing, interacting, and learning.

Monday, August 17th: Putting it all Together:  Analyzing and Customizing Play Activities to Maximize Learning.  This interactive workshop reviews basic tenets of activity analysis to help you learn how to choose appropriate play activities to meet your family goals, and how to customize them for your child to achieve the “just right challenge”.

Contact us if you have any questions or requests for specific topics.  We hope to see you soon!